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Read more about doTERRA Purify Oil uses and benefits here: Don’t let unpleasant odors hang around—get rid of them with Purify Cleansing Blend from doTERRA. This high-power blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils is designed to eliminate odors without toxic additives or chemicals. It has a fresh, citrus and pine scent that clears the air and combats environmental toxins.

Melaleuca (also called Tea Tree) is native to Australia, where the crushed leaves have been used to purify the air and support healthy breathing for hundreds of years. The air cleansing and purifying benefits of Melaleuca essential oil are believed to derive from its concentration of gamma-terpinene, which experimental research has shown may help protect against seasonal and environmental threats.

Learn more about Melaleuca uses and benefits here:

The powerful cleansing benefits of Lime and Lemon essential oils are due to their high concentration of monoterpene limonene. Refreshing and uplifting, Lime and Lemon also provide emotional balance and cleansing.

The fresh, woody scent of Siberian Fir tree essential oil has a fresh aroma and is known for its emotionally grounding benefits.

Austrian Fir is rich in both limonene and alpha-pinene, lending to its powerful cleansing properties.

Citronella has a clean and fresh scent that is similar to Lemongrass, which makes it a fantastic natural deodorizer.

These powerful essential oils combine to create a cleansing blend that is perfect for dispelling odors or cleaning hard surfaces. To remove odors in an entire room, diffuse 4-5 drops of Purify. You can spot clean with a spray cleaner mixture of water, Purify Cleansing Blend, and Vinegar.
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